Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Blue Lagoon & Skin Care


I have been away in Iceland recently and went to The Blue Lagoon, there was lots of skin care products made from natural products from the lagoon, there was one that you could use whilst in the Lagoon which I did . . . but just my luck I had a reaction to it on my forehead, it gave me more spots than I had started the week with.

So this inspired me to go learn about skincare for my sensitive skin, I have tried many spot-creams as I have oily skin and large pores (I think, my sister said this) which causes me to get lots of spots. But I am allergic to Clearasil and other creams, so I am going to pop into Boots or Superdrug at my next chance to ask about what I should be using to keep my skin happy.

Can you comment on my posts? If so comment which creams you use and where you buy it and I will try and check it out, and I might do a review thingy. Hope this works.

Love Bethan Canham xx

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